Compliments, Comments or Complaints.

The Dental team at Canford Cliffs Dental encourage patient responses ranging from comments, compliments to complaints. We believe as a practice that comments or complaints are a good way of improving patient care.

Our Complaints Procedure

Any patient with a comment or complaint may raise this either verbally or write in to the practice, where they will be given a prompt and confidential response.

The Dental Team will ensure that all comments/complaints are recorded in the complaints log file.

If the comment/complaint is in writing a written response will be made within 7 working days.

A free consultation with Mr R.H. Farrant Dental Surgeon will be offered which may in many cases help resolve the problem.

A Waiting Room poster will be displayed giving practice information and literature informing patients how their Compliments, Comments or Complaints are dealt with at this practice in an efficient and confidential manner.

If the complaint is of a minor nature, give the patient a straightforward response which should be then backed up in writing.

For more serious clinical or unresolved matters inform the patient of where they can take the matter further:

  • NHS patients to the FHSA of local Health Authority
  • Denplan registered patients to Denplan Complaints Handling Department
  • Private Patients see leaflet. (Dental Complaints Service) 08456 120540

As a practice when dealing with complaints we will endeavour to:

  • Listen to the patient without interrupting
  • Clarify what the patient expects from the complaint
  • Be sympathetic
  • Ask questions to understand more fully what the complaint is
  • See it from the patient’s viewpoint
  • Take immediate action
  • Explore alternatives
  • Follow up – ensuring patient satisfaction.
Canford Cliffs Dental Practice, Poole